IDTA Dance Examinations


Legacy Dance Academy’s next dance examination session is fast approaching! Exams are taken through the IDTA and are a fantastic opportunity for children. Children that take the exam will receive the relevant medal/rosette and certificate for their exam. Junior exams (bronze upward) also receive a feedback sheet from the esteemed examiner.


The exams are not something to be worried about and are more of a fun way for children to progress through their dancing, it gives them a sense of achievement and something to work towards. Nikki and Shannon will make sure all children are ready for the exam and confident before they take it and there is always an option for a private lesson before the exam to neaten up any dances if needed.


Our examination session is on Sunday 4th July. Prices and dances vary for each grade and class, please check the poster or virtual noticeboard at dancing for full details. The first exam taken by children over 7 years is bronze, then they will work through the grades. Children aged 4-6 years will take a rosette.


Following the exams there will be The Presentation Evening where medals and certificates will be presented alongside the prestigious Best in Exam, Most Improved Dancers, Examiners Star of the Future and Dancer’s Dancer awards.

Presentation Evening is Saturday 14th August.



Each dancer taking the exam will dance either one, two, three or four dances (dependent on grade) that they have learnt in their weekly class for the Examiner.

We will work on these dances further in the classes leading up to the examination day. 

What To Wear

All dancers taking the exam must wear black leggings and either a Legacy t-shirt, leotard or cropped top.
Rosette dancers have the option of wearing the Legacy rosette exam dress which will be advertised in the coming weeks or same as above.

Hair must be tied up in a neat style - NO HAIR DOWN!

Light make-up may be worn.

Competitors may wear competition outfits, hair and make-up.

No jewellery must be worn.

If you would like your child to take the exam please put their name down via their teacher in their dance class.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.