• Nikki

Award Winning Success!!

2020 wasn't exactly the year that we had hoped it would be, with many obstacles and challenges thrown in our way! But despite the downfalls and things that we didn't manage to achieve (yet!). It did bring us not one BUT TWO AMAZING AWARD WINS!! In May 2020 Legacy Dance Academy was nominated for an SME News UK Enterprise Award - there was a rigorous inspection process and lots of factors from all kinds of businesses were taken in to account. We are thrilled to say that WE WON!! BEST CHILDREN'S DANCE ACADEMY - GREATER MANCHESTER!! How amazing is that! It is so nice to see that all of our hard work, training and commitment isn't going unnoticed. Thank you SME News ... read all about our win here - Then to round off the year, in December we were astounded to be named as one of the top three dance schools in Rochdale! This is honestly such a fantastic achievement for us - again the ratings are rigorous and are based on a number of things including customer ratings, business history and experience. So it is huge that we have made our way in to the top 3 when we are only just in our 2nd year of business! It can take years to build up a confident business profile. Thank you so much for recognising us and our hard work. So perhaps not the year we all wanted but somehow ... WHAT A YEAR FOR US! A huge thank you to all of our loyal and happy customers! Let's hope for an even more successful (and hopefully smoother running) 2021!

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