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Our Talented Dancers - MORE COMPETITION WINS!

We have been sure to keep our dancers very busy lately! Dance competitions have taken a whole new route and our dancers are lucky to be given the chance to take part in online competitions whilst the world is at a bit of a standstill. Just before Christmas the results from 2 online dance competitions that we entered were released - Legacy Dance Academy were successful again with: 11 WINNERS 20 RUNNERS UP 13 THIRD PLACINGS and a whopping 85 FINALS!!! Including every single dancer that made the Under 14 Street Dance final being from Legacy! Our competitors have really come up against some challenges the last couple of years but their commitment, continued hard work and eagerness for a competition just proves how much they're dedicated to dance. Because lets not forget, these are kids and this is their true love and cherished hobby - nothing else matters! FULL BREAKDOWN OF RESULTS: Energy Epidemic Christmas Competition Christmas Showcase (all of our dancers created their own choreography for this section) Over 12 Under 12 2nd Shannon 3rd Molly 5th Libby W 6th Ava-Mai 7th Eleanor Freestyle Solo 1st Libby W 1st Molly 2nd Lucy 2nd Shannon 2nd Eleanor 2nd Chloe S 2nd Sophia

3rd Summer

4th Isabelle 4th Millie 4th Leah 4th Ebony 5th Gracie 6th Chloe R 6th Rebecca 6th Ava-Mai 7th Phoebe Slow Dance 1st Summer

1st Leah 1st Sophia

2nd Lucy

2nd Isabelle

2nd Libby W 2nd Chloe S 2nd Danica 3rd Millie S 3rd Libbie C 3rd Phoebe 4th Shannon 4th Gracie 4th Ebony 4th Ava-Mai 5th Eleanor

5th Molly 7th Millie C 7th Annie-Mae 7th Claudia Street Dance 1st Eleanor

2nd Molly 2nd Ava-Mai 4th Ebony 5th Libbie C 5th Danica 5th Phoebe 7th Libby W P&L Xmas Extravaganza Competition Commercial Street

1st Annie-Mae 1st Isabelle 2nd Phoebe

2nd Gracie

2nd Sophie 2nd Eleanor 3rd Molly

3rd Danica 3rd Rebecca 4th Libbie C 5th Libby W 6th Millie C Freestyle Solo

1st Molly 1st Shannon 2nd Sophia 2nd Isabelle 3rd Danica 3rd Eleanor

3rd Lucy

5th Summer

5th Chloe R 6th Phoebe 6th Millie C 6th Gracie Slow Dance 1st Isabelle 2nd Shannon 3rd Lucy 3rd Summer 4th Sophie 4th Sophia 6th Rebecca 6th Georgia 6th Millie S 6th Libby W 7th Eleanor (The photos are at competitions pre-covid, hence the lack of social distancing)

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