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IDTA Dance Examinations

Despite Covid-19 and many of its restrictions, we are very happy to have still been able to give our dancers something to work towards, opportunities and a level of normality. We cannot thank The International Dance Teachers Association enough for allowing this to happen for our dance school and our dancers. In October our dance students took their bi-annual IDTA accredited examinations and, as in previous years, EVERYBODY PASSED! WOW!! 100% PASS RATE! Despite half of the routines being learnt in lockdown and over zoom, covid class disruptions, and last minute isolations! WE DID IT! Well done to all Legacy students on your amazing results. We ran the exams in a covid secure way - a thorough timetable, cleaning breaks, small groups, room changeovers, risk assessments coming out of our ears! But we were determined to give our students something to achieve in this troublesome year, so we soldiered on. It was certainly a little different to our usual examination sessions and we even had 2 students that ended up having to isolate the week before our exam session! But we did it - successful examination session, perfectly organised and we even arranged for our isolating students to still undertake their exam via video. Phew! Then came the presentation - how could we still make our children feel special for their achievements when we cannot hold our usual fancy presentation evening? We organised in class presentation parties of course. All restrictions and guidelines were adhered to, awards were given out including our big awards and we still had the infamous Legacy presentation balloon arch, all streamed via a secure zoom link for parents, grandparents, families, etc. We even had a special metre wide banner produced which allowed us to take safe socially distanced photographs to keep for years to come. A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT IN A TRICKY YEAR! WELL DONE EVERYBODY! Our BIG AWARDS went to ... Best in Junior Exam - Isabelle Quinlan! This young lady works so hard and never gives up, Izzy attends every class, literally NEVER MISSES, always gives 100% and we are so proud to have her as part of Legacy Dance Academy. She well and truly deserves to be awarded the examiners Best in Exam. Winning a huge engraved trophy, a sash, a tiara, a t-shirt, and a balloon! Well done Izzy Wizzy! Best in Rosette - Ava-Mai Flaherty! Ava has worked so hard this year and has improved a tremendous amount. Ava is eager to learn new moves, tricks and choreography all the time and often puts the older girls to shame! Another well deserved award chosen by the examiner. Winning a huge engraved trophy, a sash, a tiara, a t-shirt, and a balloon! Well done Quava! Most Improved Dancer - Leah Scowcroft! Leah has worked really hard this year and her jumps and flexibility are just phenomenal. Leah never misses a class or lesson and is a pleasure to have around. Thank you for always working so hard Leah and well done! Highly Improved Dancers - Millie Waldron, Skye Owen, Lexie Jackson, Bella Mitchell, Anabelle Deegan and Lucy Harrison! All 6 of these girls have really impressed us this year, their improvements have been huge and have not gone unnoticed. Thank you girls for working so hard this year - you are all definitely Legacy Superstars! Examiners Star of the Future - Chloe Scowcroft! Every exam session our examiner picks their 'star of the future' somebody who stands out for having fabulous potential, somebody the examiner thinks will really go far in the dance industry. This year Chloe won the award and we are so proud of her! Chloe is another hard worker and always has us in fits of giggles with her crazy character! Well done Chloe. Dancers' Dancer - Libby Whatmough! Each exam session, our competition squad votes for their Dancers' Dancer. This is not necessarily the best dancer but somebody who inspires them to work hard, somebody who spurs others on, helps their peers, always behaves and gives 100%. Our competitors spend an enormous amount of time training alongside each other and their classes are not easy! So we always need dancers to help each other. Libby was voted by her peers this year and her name is engraved on our Legacy Dance Academy shield alongside previous winners. Well done Libby! Well done to EVERYBODY that took their exam! We entered a whopping 54 examinations this time - which is huge and everybody passed!

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